New Client Etiquette

I want our time together to be spectacular, so please read the following:


Be A Gentleman - Please be polite and courteous during our communications and appointment.  I do not tolerate foul or vulgar conversation or texts, and will block you immediately.

Verification - All new clients must be verified prior to our first session or we cannot meet. This will help provide a safe, fun, positive, and hopefully memorable experience for us both. While I do understand your concern for privacy. My safety is of the utmost importance. Please rest assured that I take your safety and discretion requirements just as serious as my own. Any personal information is deleted after verification and I will not contact you through any other channel than what you give me permission to do so.

Initial Contact - I consider myself low volume. I hand pick who I choose to spend time with. I am particularly busy in my day today life so I can not always see everyone who contacts me. I will usually reply to Booking requests made through my form within 2-4 hours.


Time - If we have confirmed a date to meet, please make sure that you are on time. I can not guarantee that I will be able to extend the original end time but will do my best to accommodate those requests. If I am running late, then of course, you will get the full time. Our time together is never rushed. Please do not wait for me to inform you that our time is up. If you are interested in me staying for a longer time than originally planned, ask me and I will be happy to accommodate you if I don't have another appointments after you.  


Rate - By contacting me, you agree that the rate for my time is strictly for my body rubs, private dances and modeling services only. Please leave my rate in an unsealed envelope in plain site, or discreetly hand it directly to me in a book or gift if we are in public. There is to be no discussion about the rate via phone, text or in person before, during or after our session, unless you are extending the appointment time. My rates are not negotiable, and are clearly explained on my Rates page.


Cancellations - I do understand that things happen in life, and that sometimes we cannot control them. But please respect my time, as I will respect yours. Please call, text, and/or email me to let me know if you need to reschedule. I ask that you let me know as soon as possible. Cancellations with less a 3 hour notice will have one opportunity to reschedule without penalty. I reserve the right to choose to not to see clients who continuously cancel or reschedule at the last minute or are a no-call-no-show for an appointment.


During our Session - Please feel free to be yourself. I am not here to judge you. I make myself available to you to make sure you leave with a smile on your face.


Hygiene - There is nothing sexier than a clean smelling man from head to toe and everything in between. Please be freshly showered and with fresh breath when we meet. I reserve the right to refuse my services if you are not. Upon my arrival I will need access to the bathroom to freshen up so that you get the same treatment.


Not an Escort - I am not an escort, and do not provide full service, GFE, or any other services other than what I advertised on this site.  Please do not ask or expect such. I do not participate in any unlawful acts.


Privacy - I am professional and discreet and will respect your privacy. Please do the same for me.


Respect - Call me old fashion but I like to be treated like the lady I am. Please respect me, and don't be aggressive or push boundaries that I have set herein.


Mutual Touch - Feel free to touch me as I touch you, but penetration of any sort is not permitted.


Discretion - Please do not discuss our time together with anyone else. Mutual discretion is of the utmost importance, which is why I would never share your personal information or details about our session with anyone else either.


Email, Texts & Calls - I do not participate in extended email, text or phone call chats with my clients.