Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why do you hide your face?   

I love being an entertainer!  However,  I am also a career oriented woman, and I like to keep my personal life separate.  I am indeed 100% the girl in the photo.  Interact with me on social media;  Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram to ease any doubts you may have, and check out my reviews!  As many of my clients have expressed,  You won't be disappointed!

2.   Is your rate negotiable?    

No, this is how I make a living.

3.   Do you see women?    

No, I do not.

4.  Do you see couples?   

No, I do not.

5.  Can I get a picture of your face?   

No, for security and privacy reasons, you will not see a picture of my face anywhere on the internet.  The only place you will see my face is when I see your's in person.

6.  Can I take pictures or video during our session?   

No you may not, in fact I ask you to keep all electronic devices (phones, tablets and computers) tucked away and out of sight during our session.


7.  Can I take you on a date?   

Sure, after we've met once, I will gladly consider going on a date with you.  See my Existing Clients Rates page.

8.  What services do you offer?   

I am NOT an Escort, if that's what your asking, my services are clearly stated on my Rates page.

9.  I have seen you before, can I pay your older Rates?   

Yes, my  previous clients prior to April 1, 2019, will have special courtesies extended to them on my rates.

10. How do I book a session with you?   

Use the form on my Booking page, or call or text my phone number, or you can email me. Verification is required for all new clients.

11. When are you available?   

I have a personal life and another businesses as well, so by appointment only from 10 a.m. until 1:00 a.m.

12. Do you take same day appointments?   

It depends on availability and verification.

13. What kind of payment do you accept?   

Cash is king, and that's what I prefer, but I will also accept payment through CashApp as well.

14. What are your measurements?   

See my stats on my Bio page.

15. Can I come to you?   

No, I do not provide regular In-call services. Occasionally I will setup In-call services in nearby communities. Go to my Home page and enter your email to subscribe for notifications of such availability.

16. Do you do Out-call?   

Yes, that is all I provide.

17. Does my age or race matter?   

I prefer mature gentlemen over the age of 30. I do not discriminate on ethnicity.

18. Are you fetish friendly?   


19. Do you have any piercings?   

Just my ears.

20. Do you have any tatoos?    

You'll have to find out for yourself, happy looking!

21. Are your boobs real?   

Lol, YES, my boobs are real.  I am 100% all natural!

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